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Mobility projects for vocational learners



Erasmus+ provides opportunities for vocational education and training to the students, trainees, apprentices and recent graduates to carry out their work experience abroad, allowing them to learn new skills or languages.


Work placements abroad improve their employability and can ease the transition from education and training to employment, while strengthening the European cooperation in vocational education and training.


Traineeships and apprenticeships can last from 2 weeks to 12 months. Learners are hosted either at a workplace (in an enterprise or other relevant organisations) or at a VET school (with periods of work-based learning).

Differently from the previous programme, people already in the labour market cannot participate in mobility projects, however the recent graduates from VET schools or companies providing VET can undertake traineeships within one year their graduation.


A mobility activity is transnational and must involve at a minimum two participating organisations (at least one sending and at least one receiving/intermediary organisation) from different countries and learners must undertake the traineeship in a foreign European country.


The annual deadline for mobility projects is in March. To apply, visit your National Agency's website and read carefully Erasmus+ Programme guide.