Language courses and support


Our team is composed of experts from all over Europe that speak fluently 8 languages. The coordinators and mentors that are assigned to each project are able to support the participants from every point of view including the linguistic one. Being abroad is a great opportunity and at the same time a big challenge. To enable the participants to make the most of their stay in Italy and feel safe and comfortable, we offer them full support in a language that they can understand.


Upon request, we organize Italian and English intensive language courses. The courses are tailored to the participants' needs and their professional profiles, and combine speaking-focused language classes with social and engaging activity programmes.


We design a language course to fit your needs. We specialise in Italian language courses for foreign youth and pedagogic staff coming to Italy as vocational learners. Our courses are tailored to your needs and combine ‘conversation-focused’ Italian language classes with fun and engaging activity programmes. Each course is based on various daily topics, intending to illustrate different forms of Italian. All levels follow the same bottom-line. Student tasks, course materials, activities and timing depend on the group level and its possibilities. The main focus in all courses is on the communication skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing.  


The language courses are adjusted to suit your needs. Courses focus on the essential language skills required to perform in today’s competitive international environment. 


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