How we can cooperate together and how we support you

Depending on your needs, we can fully support you throughout the whole project; from applying to implementing, from filling the form to identifying and matching the work placements with the students’ profiles and throughout the entire practical and logistic organizing and project reporting.


In the framework of Erasmus+, we act as a receiving and intermediary organization providing the high-quality traineeships, support and mentorship to the vocational students and as training provider for teachers and trainers. As an intermediary organization, we match the VET students’ profiles and learning objectives with the needs of the receiving enterprises; facilitates the administrative and reporting procedures; thoroughly prepare and mentor the participants; and train, support, supervise and monitor the receiving enterprises.


Our international team offers a tailored support to the sending organisations throughout all phases of the Erasmus+ project, from the proposal design to the selection of the participants, from the initial preparation to monitoring, evaluation and reporting.  Our support includes:


  • consulting, proposal review and support during the application phase

  • identification of the high-quality workplaces 

  • preparation of Learning Agreements and Quality Commitments to ensure the full recognition of the students’ educational components;

  • preparation and recognition of the mobility agreements for staff

  • support in the selection, interview and matching between students and workplaces

  • management of all the practical and logistic details including food and accommodation (if requested)

  • on-arrival training and welcome kit for all the participants plus additional optional leisure and intercultural activities to get acquainted with the local community

  • continuous monitoring and evaluation of the traineeship implementation and mentoring of the participants

  • 24/7 phone support and availability

  • validation of participants’ learning outcomes through tutoring and through ex-ante and ex-post competences’ evaluation;

  • language courses, airport pick-up, cultural visits (if requested)



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